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Posted February 8th, 2011 by dmeyer
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Experience the Power of Fusion

Laurie Valaer and Coach David R Meyer founded ECI Learning Systems LLC in 2008 with the shared vision of helping leaders understand the human side of management and leadership and create an environment that inspires employees to strive for their very best every day. And, while understanding and valuing the people around you is a worthy goal, it is much easier said than done. Most of us have our hands full trying to understand our own thoughts and motivations. So we often have very little time and energy left to try and understand the needs, expectations, and motivations of others.

And, this is where ECI Learning Systems can help.

We offer a variety of personal and professional development programs that are designed to help individuals understand their own thoughts and motivations, as well as the styles, needs, and expectations of others. We truly believe that employees who are energized and engaged are more productive, more creative, stick around longer, and provide better customer service than the average worker. Employee engagement and energy are created when your organization’s Corporate Culture, Leadership Style, and Employee Expectations are in sync. The closer these three concepts are aligned, the more energized and engaged your team will be. Thus, we utilize an exclusive program called Fusion™ to help organizations align these concepts and engage their employees, maximizing both productivity and profitability.

Experience The Power of Fusion

ECI Learning System’s clients tend to be progressive and forward-thinking in nature, interested in a culture of openness and growth, and ready to invest in their future by investing in employees and their development.

To learn more about ECI Learning Systems, visit www.ECILearning.com

ECI Learning Systems

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