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Posted February 8th, 2011 by dmeyer
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Great teams are built on the foundation of great leadership. And, great leadership is built on the foundation of great trust.”

~ Coach David R Meyer


David R Meyer

As a former telecom executive (MCI, Nextel, XO Communications), Coach David R Meyer always took great pride in his ability to identify talented people, uncover their potential strengths, and cultivate them into outstanding executives. He witnessed how his own performance as a leader dramatically improved with an investment in personal development, and he believes that this investment has a direct impact on the bottom line, with improved performance and reduced employee turnover.

In 2002, David left the telecom industry to follow his passion of helping other companies invest in the future by developing their next generation of leaders. Since that time, he has become a nationally known author, speaker, trainer, and mentor coach.

Now, as a Certified Behavioral Consultant, Coach David R Meyer combines Emotional Intelligence, DISC, and coaching certifications with personal experience to provide leadership development that is based on real world situations for real world leaders. He understands that true professional development cannot be limited to a single educational event. Instead, for lasting change to occur, education must be just one step in a larger process that requires understanding, a change in perspective, and ongoing reinforcement to ensure that new thoughts and behaviors are fully integrated.

David believes so strongly in the power of coaching as professional development, that in addition to coaching emerging leaders, experienced leaders, and executives, he also teaches coaching through the Coach Training Alliance. He is the most senior Mentor Coach on the staff at CTA and is the instructor for CTA’s new “Human Capital Coaching” program designed to train coaches who are internal to an organization.

Since 2002, Coach David R Meyer has authored numerous articles that have been published in a variety of magazines and websites worldwide, and he was a contributing author to the popular book, Creating Workplace Community:  Motivation, published in 2004. In 2009, David co-authored a self-guided DISC tutorial for professional coaches with Laurie Valaer, entitled the “DISC Coaching Catalyst: Your Guide to Uncovering Motivations and Revealing Blinds Spots.” In 2011, David authored his first leadership book, “The Engaged Manager: Make Your Team a Success and They Will Make You a Success.” Watch for additional books to follow in the “Engaged Organization” series.

Coach David R Meyer currently lives in Larkspur, Colorado with his wife of 37 years and his 3 rambunctious dogs. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, spending time with his two daughters, who also now reside in Colorado, and working on the next book in the “Engaged Organization” series.

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